Our Roots

My Botanica – a full-service landscape design firm that offers installation and maintenance services – is built on a foundation of environmental sensitivity. Our commitment to quality, excellence and impeccable customer service is wrapped in a reverence for the environment and its treasures.

The growing and valid concerns about the environment, earth’s natural resources and the quality of life we enjoy, have touched everyone. There is a great need to successfully create, preserve and enhance environmentally friendly landscapes and gardens that can be havens for birds, butterflies and other gifts of nature.

Within that framework, My Botanica took root and grew. Today, the company is the only landscape design and maintenance firm in the Orange County area to offer environmentally friendly services and products exclusively. We design and care for landscapes of distinction in harmony with nature, and we offer a full range of products that naturally nurture lawns, landscapes, gardens and wildlife sanctuaries.

We believe each of us has a responsibility to be a good steward of the land. For some, that means caring for a balcony garden, for others it’s tending acres of land surrounding an estate home. For all, it means using products and techniques that do no harm.

My Botanica’s professional team is always available to answer your questions and provide information to help you choose plants, products and gardening techniques that are right for your project and respect nature. Please call toll free 1-888-722-4308.

My Botanica ... naturally.